SUCfree Wanaka – creating a single-use cup free Wanaka by 2022

Introducing the campaign, people and ideas that are driving Wanaka’s goal to be free of single-use cups by 2022.
As the town embraces the SUCfree movement, hear about the key components that have helped make it a success.

Before the SUCfree project, over 1 million takeaway coffee cups ended up in Wanaka’s landfill or contaminating our recycling streams every year. Now 24 cafes and caravans in our town have cup lending schemes or cup libraries and 9 are completely SUCfree – already saving 180,000 cups from landfill annually.

In what may be a global first, Wanaka is on track to becoming a single-use cup-free town. That would mean no more cups being used for a minute or two and then chucked in the bin…just folks drinking their coffee responsibly and showing the world how it’s done.

So next time you need a coffee fix, don’t forget to sit, BYO or borrow!