Life after plastic bags

  • Keep a stash of reusable bags in your car.  Leave them at the front/garage door after you’ve unloaded as a reminder to put them back in your car.
  • If you forget your bags, you can always ask for a cardboard box.
  • If you are really committed you can always just load all the shopping back into the basket or trolley and pile it onto your back seat to deal with  when you get home.  Trust me you’ll never forget your bags again.
  • You don’t need a plastic bag for most fresh produce, it’s fine to put them loose into your trolley or basket.
  • Pick up a pack of Rethink organic cotton reusable produce bags – long lasting washable bags, perfect for all types of produce.

But what will I line my kitchen bin with?

This may come as a surprise but composting is the key to going plastic bag free in your home!  That’s right, because once you remove all your organic waste from your bin all that’s left is soft plastic packaging (assuming you are recycling everything you can) and it’s mostly dry.  So you don’t need to line your bin with anything.. just give it a rinse every now and then.  For meat scraps and other things that you may not want to put in your compost you can just use a chip packet, biscuit wrapper or other piece of packaging.