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Plastic Free Paula knows a few Wanaka waste free shopping tricks

Some of you will recall the first edition of our Wanaka Waste Free Shopping Guide, launched at the Waste Free Fair during Plastic Free July 2018. Another year has passed and it is time for the third edition. 

 In 2019, we had the ban on single-use plastic shopping bags on 1 July. This past year, we’ve had the successful launch of SUCFree Wanaka, helping us to ditch single use cups by bringing or borrowing a cup or sitting in to enjoy your coffee. The number of great retailers and hospitality businesses who are passionate about helping our community reduce unnecessary waste continues to grow. Waste-free is becoming business as usual. 

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Where to start?

Remember the 5 Rs of zero waste – refuse, reduce, reuse

 Are you keen to cut down on your waste but not too sure where to start? If you are wondering where around Wanaka you can shop and avoid packaging waste, start here, with the Wanaka Waste Free Shopping Guide, brought to you by Plastic Free Wanaka and The Rubbish Trip.

The first part of this guide gives you some handy pointers on where to shop in Wanaka whilst refusing, reducing or reusing packaging and therefore waste.  Towards the back, you’ll find some extra tips to get you started on rotting your organic waste (think garden and food waste), and repairing, reusing or recycling to avoid sending items that still have some life in them to landfill.

Refuse, reduce…

Look for items you buy regularly unpackaged or in bulk, so that you can reuse bags, bottles, jars or containers.  If you can’t avoid packaging altogether, look for home compostable or recyclable packaging – glass, cardboard, paper or tins. Read on for lots of options to get you started.

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Repair or recycle

Sometimes it seems like it’s easier to throw things away than to mend them. But there are businesses who can help, and remember one woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure!

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Be cautious about single-use packaging that claims to be compostable. In practice, it will rely upon a well-balanced home compost heap, or a commercial composting facility (there isn’t one serving our district).  It may contaminate recycling, and if it ends up in landfill, it won’t break down at all due to the lack of oxygen. The best packaging is reusable!

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Did you know that around 20% of the waste that goes to the Wanaka Transfer Station is organic?  It’s pretty easy to divert this from landfill. An added bonus is that if you divert your food waste from your rubbish bin, you no longer need to line it.

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Our vision is for a reduction of single use plastic in our community and across New Zealand. Through fun events and education, we show people the harm done by single use plastics and make it easy and affordable to choose reusable options. Collectively, our town can work together to make Wanaka a cleaner, greener leader in living sustainably and in harmony with our beautiful environment. 


Hannah Blumhardt and Liam Prince are two no-waste nomads who have lived without a bin since 2015. They are travelling New Zealand on a zero-waste roadshow, sharing their experience of how and why individuals can reduce their waste footprint – and find it easy, fun and fulfilling!